You’ve Got A Friend In Me

The thing that I am most proud (actually humbled) to have passed on to our kids is that all three of them get the heart behind my oft-repeated phrase that to have good friends you must be a good friend. I’m not saying I have always been the best friend. I’m definitely not saying I […]

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Friends: A Place to Start

Almost all of the images that were coming up for starting were showing runners on their mark and at the ready for a sprint. I can tell you right now that this kind of friendship is much more like a marathon. Forming new friendships almost always demands much of us. Then add to the mix […]

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It’s (not) Just A House

One week ago today we listed our house for sale. Within 48 hours of doing so we had 20 potential buyers through our house and half of them submitted formal offers. We were under contract by Thursday evening. And while that contract was cancelled yesterday, today we seem to picking up right where we left […]

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