Vineyard: A Parable

Throughout the Scriptures we hear teachings that refer to vineyards… and for good reason. Vineyards were good object lessons because they were everywhere. I can visually identify with this. One unexpected blessing of livingĀ in southwest Michigan was its vineyards. That experience made the analogy that much fuller. In Isaiah chapter 5 the writer uses this […]

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KINDNESS Is the Fruit of the Spirit

There may be none on this list I struggle with more than being kind. You’d probably expect that it’s external forces that I blame for this. The truth is that the great struggle comes almost entirely from within. First… from within me. Then… from within my family. Let me explain. This should help you understand […]

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Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit

Most people get nervous when you start talking about spirits. Most Christians reach a different level of nervousness… one never thought possible. To be fair, willy-nilly (yes, this is a deep theological term) and home-spun interpretations of the Holy Spirit’s work in today’s world have left those outside of a more charismatic understanding more than […]

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