Blessings In Disguise

I am reposting the story that follows with permission from Miles Coleman. Miles’ dad Fred was my first-ever vocal coach and is my friend. This story is one that is truly inexplicable. I don’t usually use the word “miracle” simply because of how it has been abused and misunderstood. But there is no other acceptable […]

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First Aid: Healing Your Heart

Some recent discussion on my Facebook wall discovered that there are several friends with whom I shared my childhood who have lasting injuries because of insensitive people (or worse). Anyone who has ever been sick – really sick – will tell you that the most difficult part of the illness was the path to being […]

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The Lens of Time

It has been said that time heals all wounds. Unfortunately that simply is not true. This Monday I made an unscheduled stop at the place where I grew up – in the shadow of the Sears Tower (yes, it will always be the Sears Tower to me). My simple post to Facebook – just three […]

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What’s Next?

A question I’ve been hearing often lately is, “What’s next for you?” Until very recently that question would ever only be answered with a glazed stare. I had no idea. I really still haven’t given it all that much thought. But what I have come to know is the truth behind a phrase that I […]

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