Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit

Most people get nervous when you start talking about spirits. Most Christians reach a different level of nervousness… one never thought possible. To be fair, willy-nilly (yes, this is a deep theological term) and home-spun interpretations of the Holy Spirit’s work in today’s world have left those outside of a more charismatic understanding more than […]

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IRON and FIRE Ministries

First a disclaimer: my close friend and weekly accountability partner is the founder and president of this ministry. That is the last shred of disavowal that you will hear from me in the next few days. Jeff Knapp and I first met and became friends (contrary to the belief of some that it was our […]

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One of the most difficult things to come by in this life is perspective. I have often used the example of one’s hand in front of their own face… it’s impossible to see anything else, really. So is your hand suddenly inflated in that moment? No, but it’s all you can see. Why? Perspective. In […]

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