I Hate Valentine’s Day

Today is a day I wish I could use Google Analytics to see the variance in numbers between male and female readers. Speaking in general, I think it is safe to say that a majority of women look forward to Valentine’s Day. And perhaps an equally overwhelming majority of men, do not. My reason(s) for […]

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Learning How to Love

I am on my way to Bair Lake Bible Camp┬áin Jones, Michigan, where I will be speaking to a group of students this weekend. Many of these are the same students I got to know last year on this same winter retreat. They’re from Crosspointe Christian Church and Hope Community Baptist Church┬ánear Detroit. Please pray […]

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Coexist? Or Something Else?

For years now I have been seeing this awful bumper sticker going around. Have you? I’m certain you’ve seen at least one version of it somewhere. Let me just go on the record (from a Christian perspective) that this cannot possibly be more wrong… but it may not be why you’re thinking. I’m a word […]

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LOVE Is the Fruit of the Spirit

Perhaps the most sought after and illusive word in the English language is love. Musicians pine for it. Authors write about it. In many ways we all long to experience it in its truest form. But what is love? Is it a relationship… a feeling… an action or attitude? The answer is likely… yes! Even […]

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Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit

Most people get nervous when you start talking about spirits. Most Christians reach a different level of nervousness… one never thought possible. To be fair, willy-nilly (yes, this is a deep theological term) and home-spun interpretations of the Holy Spirit’s work in today’s world have left those outside of a more charismatic understanding more than […]

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