Parenthood: Sayings of Dad

I thought this would be a fun way to end our series on parenting. I am a man of words. I typically prefer to say things succinctly. Over the years there have been a series of dad-isms that our kids will (likely) remember until the day they can no longer remember things. For you to […]

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Parenthood: the Early Years

The first day that screaming bundle of joy enters this world… ours are eternally changed. In that moment we assume a new title that, no matter the age and stage of our children, will forever be part of who we are. What are the first things to be considered as one begins the role of […]

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Parenthood: the First Family

Exactly who are we talking about here? The President and his family? Adam and Eve? No. This is about defining when family begins. Very early in our marriage my wife and I were introduced to a concept by Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo for which I will be eternally grateful (and one that I will […]

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