Love Exceeds Polarity

The so-called law of attraction postulates that like attracts like. For centuries this was presumed to be so and certainly there is truth to it. Fast forward to 1950 and a sociologist named Robert F. Winch introduces a theory that “opposites attract”. There is sufficient data to prove that at any given moment both may […]

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Friends: A Place to Start

Almost all of the images that were coming up for starting were showing runners on their mark and at the ready for a sprint. I can tell you right now that this kind of friendship is much more like a marathon. Forming new friendships almost always demands much of us. Then add to the mix […]

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A Mime Is A Terrible Thing to Waste

What is a mime? No, not a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension). A mime… an ancient dramatic entertainment representing scenes from life usually in a ridiculous manner without the use of speech (so says Mr. Webster). Christians talk too much. I am particularly aiming this at our interactions with those who do not share our […]

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