The Stickers That Saved My Life

Before we begin, no, I don’t believe the stickers literally saved my life. And, no, I am not even talking about my physical life. However, none of that makes any part of my┬ástory any less true. Recently a new friend of mine learned that I had been a church planter and that our church closed. […]

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Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us. I’d like to challenge all of us to consider now (at the beginning of the season) how we prepare for these days of wonderment. My heart is that you and I could enjoy the trappings without falling into the traps that so often come during this time of year. Allow […]

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CCM: Changing With the Times

In these days of corporate takeovers and the overall conglomeratization of businesses, names and functions change. In case you’re not a hockey fan, the CCM logo above is arguably the largest manufacturer of hockey equipment in the world… certainly the most recognizable. As I thought of them in relation to this post I did not […]

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