Week #21: Help I’m A Student Leader by Doug Fields

This book WILL be a textbook for me to use with my student leaders for years to come. In this case the subtitle was completely accurate… the overwhelming value of this compact tool is its practicality. Beginning immediately this book will be a must-read for all of my students who are in leadership positions.

OK… all of that aside… I have but one regret in my lack-lustrious career as a minister to students. I only wish that I had embraced the concept of students as ministers a bit earlier. This past year was year #1 of what I hope to be my legacy to the ministry I now serve. We began a concept called Ministry Teams which is really just students learning to serve according to the gifts that God has put in them.

Doug Field’s manual is my heartbeat wrapped in a readable and instructive adaptation. The biggest reason that I believe Doug hits it out of the park with this rendering is that he agrees with my theory that students are NOT the church of tomorrow… Instead, they are the church of today! We will never train students in the art of serving if we politely (or otherwise) insist that they wait until they are “all grown up” to do so.

True ministry starts now! As students clinch the value of learning to serve NOW they will become better servants… better followers… better leaders tomorrow.

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