Week #24: The Cross-Centered Life by C.J. Mahaney

Simple. Refreshing. I need to stop… this is starting to sound like a Sprite commercial.

In all seriousness this book is one that I will be buying several copies of to hand out to people on a regular basis. Recently I have had many discussions with students and adults alike that are seeking purpose in their lives and struggling to find it. Who of us has not been there?

For the Christ-follower the answer may be simpler than we think. Knowing should always follow doing. In this case, knowing God and His plans more intimately comes as I have a right prospective of the import of what He has done for me. As I think in those terms, centering my life on the cross (and what happened there) makes ultimate sense.

May each of us determine to live this way. I dare you to read this book! It’s short. It’s simple. If you live in St. Joseph, Michigan, it’s available in my office.

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