Week #28: Developing A Vision for Ministry by Aubrey Malphurs

At the outset I must admit that this book belongs in the classroom. Not because it is boring, but because it deserves to be studied. This is one that I will return to after this exhausting year of “flying-through-books” a week at a time. So study it I did (and will return to again).

The thesis is obvious enough. The short version is that we need ministries that are not just cookie-cutters of the “big ones”. We need ministries that are tailored and inspired by God to spur on the Kingdom of the Heavens. There must be something beyond ordinary that our particular posts are called to be or we as leaders are failing to 1.) listen to and 2.) follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit in our ministries.

The one piece that I bristled against a little was the corporateness of the approach. Ministry is not business (as Piper reminded us a few weeks ago). One cannot simply take the things that “whomever secular business” has used to make it successful and transfer them into the Church.

That said, the signpost that most resonates with me is the need to clearly communicate and follow through on the vision that God has given you. Add to this an oversized dose of humility and you should be good for the long haul.

A parting word: any vision worth keeping and reproducing (or even just seeing through, for that matter) must be a God-vision… one that comes from above.

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