On Our Way to Hungary

Tomorrow morning my senior pastor and I will fly to Budapest, Hungary for 10 days of ministry.

I know little of this country. My deep research (Wikipedia) has led me to these facts among others…

According to census data, the largest religion in Hungary is Roman Catholicism (50% of the population), with a significant Calvinist minority (16% of the population) and smaller Lutheran (3%) and Greek Catholic (3%) minorities. However, these census figures are representative of religious affiliation rather than practice; an estimated 10-14% of Hungarians attend religious services at least once a week and fewer than 50% at least once a year, while 30% of Hungarians do not believe in God.

For historical reasons, significant Hungarian minority populations can be found in the surrounding countries, notably in Ukraine (in Transcarpathia), Slovakia, Romania (in Transylvania), and Serbia (in Vojvodina), Austria (in Burgenland); Croatia (mainly Slavonia), and Slovenia are also host to a number of ethnic Magyars.

My heart is to get to know the people who I will be living with and learning from. I will be blogging to tell their stories and my interactions with them.

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