Genesis 22-23

If you’ve been waiting for “the good part”… pull up a chair. This one’s gonna blow your mind. Most of this message we can understand. Much will make us want to emulate it. A small portion will challenge our deepest conventions. Abraham has already been selected and affirmed as the leader of God’s chosen people. Now he will be tested. All leaders are. It’s part of what makes them leadership material. In the spiritual realm this testing almost always includes the way we respond to God.

Hopefully these questions can cause us to evaluate spiritual tests in order to discern their value:

1. What blows your mind about God’s instruction to Abraham?
2. What blows your mind about Abraham’s response to God?
3. What beauty do you see in the interaction between Abraham & Isaac on the way to altar?
4. What about the outcome surprises you?
5. In what ways has your own faith been tested?
6. At the time & now, what was/is your response to #5?
7. What general conclusions do you take from the death & burial of Sarah?

You can follow this link to read further commentary on Genesis 22-23.

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